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About the Company

A knowledge-based company providing expert testimony services for litigations involving fiber and polymer materials and consultancy services for manufacturers and distributors of fiber-based products.

We take pride in quickly diagnosing problems and providing viable and cost effective solutions.


Dr. Parachuru, the founder, heads the company and works with nearly 80 other highly qualified engineers and scientists who are spread around the globe. Many of the company associates are either colleagues of Dr. Parachuru or Georgia Tech graduates  who were trained by him during his Georgia Tech tenure.

Recent Service Activity

Expert Testimony Services

Applied Research and Industry Support Services

Within the last 15 years, Dr. Parachuru alone served as  a field expert in more 45 litigations involving  fiber, polymer and textile matters. His services covered federal, state and local courts in eight different states. Some of the litigations attended  by Dr. Parachuru are listed below:

CASE 1: Leman’s Corp (Plaintiff) Vs United States (Defendants). The case focused on disputed import duty structure for protective motor cycle apparel imported from Asia - Worked for Defendants (US Department of Commerce).

Attorney: Alexander Vanderweide; Civil Division Trial Attorney, US Dept. of Justice


CASE 2: State of Georgia (Plaintiff) Vs Noberto Mojica (Defendant).  This is a criminal case which involved fiber evidence (use of fiber based rope and fiber shedding garments to commit murder) – Worked for Plaintiff

Attorney: Jenny Lubinsky; State Attorney, State of Georgia


CASE 3: US Air Force (Plaintiff) Vs Derm Buro Inc. (Defendant). The case involved the failure during use of an anti-gravity suit worn by fighter plane pilots – Worked for Defendant

Worked mainly to analyze the product and gather performance data of the product. The dispute was settled through negotiation pursued away from the court.


CASE 4: Outside the Box Innovations (Plaintiff) Vs The Rooster Group (Defendants). The case dealt with patent violation claims on the design of soft tool bags –Worked for the Defendant

Attorneys: Joel Myers; Myers & Kaplan Intellectual Property Law, P. C.


CASE 5: Jamie Bouchard (Plaintiff) Vs Outer Space Sports (Defendant) – Worked for the Plaintiff. The case argued that a protective motor cycle jacket was designed with improper materials. The argument was that the jacket melted under frictional drag forces, causing third degree burn injuries to the wearer

Attorney: Tom Holbird; Tom Holbird, P. C.


CASE 6: R. C. Fabric Inc. (Plaintiff) Vs Hip and Hip Inc. (Defendant) – Worked for Plaintiff. This case argued that the actual specifications of certain imported sports-wear apparel did not confirm to the originally agreed to set of specifications.

Attorney: Stephen Truppe; SBC Global, Inc.


CASE 7: Slaughter (Plaintiff) Vs Ford Motor Company (Defendant) – This case focused on the alleged short-comings in the seat-belt design which caused death/severe injury to the passengers -Worked for Plaintiff

Attorneys: Warshauer; Warshauer, Thomas, Thornton and Rogers, P. C.


CASE 8: State of Georgia (Plaintiff) Vs  Dale McKenzie (Defendant) --This case involved fiber evidence in support of a murder accusation. Worked for the plaintiff

Attorney: Ed Vaughn; State Attorney, State of Georgia


CASE 9: Geladon (Plaintiff) Vs Tube Tex Inc. (Defendant). This case focused on the alleged inadequacy of the safety features of  patented manufacturing equipment that are expected to prevent injuries to the operators. Worked for plaintiff

Attorneys: Ronald Rodman; Friedman, Rodman and Frank P. A.


CASE 10: Angela Johnson (Plaintiff) Vs Jiffy Lube (Defendant). This case was concerned with the personal injury to the plaintiff caused by a slick surface. Worked for the plaintiff.

Attorneys: Cash, Krugler & Fredericks, My role was limited to producing a test report after testing the oil stained clothing.


CASE 11: Clayton Miller (Plaintiff) Vs Universal fibers (Defendant). This case argued that the quality of the yarn supplied by the defendant differed from what was agreed to in the mutually accepted contract.  Worked for the plaintiff. The dispute settled out of court.

Attorneys: Coppedge & Evans, P. C., Dalton, GA 30720


CASE 12: Walden (Plaintiff) Vs Children’s Apparel, Inc. (Defendant). This case is a product liability suit related to fire safety of flame retardant treated clothing. Worked for the plaintiff. Case was settled outside the court room

Attorney:  David E. High, Esq., High Law Office PLLC

CASE 13.

Attorney: J. Wrix McIlvaine

My participation involved independent analysis of fiber evidence and flame retardancy and providing testimony in Camden County court located in Woodbine, GA.


Case 14.

Attorney: Sofia Jeong, Troutman Sanders LLP

Service Provided: Expert opinion on the classification of polyacrylate fiber. Analyzed the monomers and polymerization reaction to assess the composition of acrylonitrile groups in the fiber. Based on this analysis, I concluded that polyacrylate fiber cannot be classified in the category of “modacrylic” fibers.


Case 15.

Attorneys: Cynthia Lee and Eric Mauer, Thomas Horstmeyer Intellectual Property Attorneys

 Dispute: Alleged patent violation involving the design of cooling towels– Provided expert services on behalf of Grabber, Inc, defendants in a patent related dispute involving cooling towels with a brushed soft surface. The towels were marketed to athletes participating in competitive sports events as comfort products.


CASE 16:

Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, LLP, Attorney: Robert Guites (Partner)

Through IMS Expert Services, New York (

Litigation: Cascade Yarns (Defendant) Vs Knitting Fever (Plaintiff). Worked for the plaintiff

Dispute: Country of origin of hand knit yarns- Branded yarns that were marked as made in Spain and Italy are disputed as Chinese made yarns.

CASE 17:

Coppedge & Evans, P. C., Dalton, GA 30720, Attorney: Coppedge, Jr.

Dispute involved time bound variations in the quality and performance of cushioned backing materials manufactured under three different brand names using three different material compositions. I have analyzed the composition and certain performance characteristics of backing materials produced at different intervals.


CASE 18:

MBN Law, Inc.., William F. Jourdain, Attorney

The case focused on alleged violation of trade secrets associated with certain manufacturing technologies for rubber backed floor mats. I have assisted the defendant who was represented by MBN Law, Inc.


CASE 19:

Valdez Law Group, Inc.. Karen J. Evans, Attorney

The case involved a dispute between an apparel supplier located in California and an apparel manufacturer located in one of the South American countries. The apparel supplier claimed compensation from the apparel manufacturer based on certain defects found in the finished apparel. The apparel manufacturer argued that the defects were present in the original fabric supplied by the apparel distributor. I have provided expert testimony in the case in front of an arbitration panel.


CASE 20:

Carroll McNulty & Kull, Attorneys: Matthew J. Lodge / Joshua Wirtshfater

The case involved damage claims on several hundred fabric rolls stored in a warehouse which also housed other materials, including some fabric processing equipment. I assisted the law firm which represented the insurance company.  I have analyzed the construction of fabrics taken from a randomly picked set of rolls and estimated the dollar value of the fabric contained in each role. I also determined if there is any significant damage to the surface layers of the fabric in each roll.


CASE 21:

Bryan Cave, LLP, Attorneys: Alexander Walden / Frank Fabiani

The case involved alleged patent infringement claims and counter claims for patent invalidation through Inter Partes review procedure. I have assisted the attorneys who represented the patent owners for performance pillows, engineered pillow covers and high performance mattresses.


CASE 22:

Hayden Willis Law, LLC,  Attorney: Hayden Willis

The parties involved in this case were the state of Georgia and an individual who has been accused of murder and theft. The case involved fiber evidence which was presented by the state as possible support for the accusation.  I have assisted the defense attorneys who represented the individual who has been accused of the above charges.


CASE 23:

Attorney: Sheppard Mullin, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP

 This case dealt with alleged violation of a patented design for a warp knit fabric. I have assisted the defendants to prove that there is no patent violation involved.


CASE 24:

Attorney: Renner Otto

This case related to the design of a limb encircling therapeutic compression device (a textile structure used for healing and therapeutic purposes). I have assisted the law firm which represented the defendants.


CASE 25:

Attorney: James Robson, Pinkerton & Laws of Georgia Inc.

This case was a civil action suit arising from a personal injury to an individual. I represented the plaintiff.


CASE 26:

Attorney: Abraham Feinstein Hillsman, McGuinn, Hillsman & Palefsky LLP

This case involved bodily injury to an individual as a result of the unexpected failure of a high performance HDPE rope used in deep sea fishing and marine operations. I represented the plaintiff.


CASE 27:

Attorney: John J. Song, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

This case focused on a class action litigation involving the labeling and advertising of household textile products including bedding materials. I represented the defendant.


CASE 28:

Attorney: Jay Sadd, Slappey & Sadd LLC

 This litigation related to certain heavy equipment which caused an accident that resulted in the death of the operator. I am represented the plaintiff.


CASE 29:

Attorney: Buchalter, Willmore Holbrow Buchalter LLP

This case focused on alleged violation of a patented design for a hosiery fabric. I assisted the defendants to prove that there is no patent violation involved.

CASE 30:

Michael K. Radford, Managing Attorney, Allen & Newman, PLLC

This case dealt with supposed smoke damage to clothing materials stored in a warehouse. I am represented the defendant.

Serving as the coordinator of industry and public support activities at Georgia Tech, I have completed more than 220 applied research projects for the benefit of all segments of the textile & allied industries. Projects completed fall in the following categories: 

  •    Product/process       optimization 

  •    Technical trouble shooting 

  •    Testing/evaluation of products and  production technologies

  •    Design of high-end performance engineered products for non-apparel end-uses

  •   Application of emerging new   technologies  such as nano & bio technologies for product innovation

  •  Assistance for diversification, product enhancement, material selection and cost reduction

I have also conducted basic research in the area of textile manufacturing and served as the main adviser of several graduate students who completed MS and PhD degrees.  I have been an active member of Fiber Society, AATCC, ASTM and TQCA. I continue to play leadership role in several AATCC technical committees, including as the chairman of the AATCC committee on statistics (since 2005).



  • Technical consultation for manufacturers of polymers, fibers, yarns, fabrics, garments, carpets and other miscellaneous fiber-based products, including nonwovens and technical textiles..  

  • Extensive participation as 'Expert Witness' in more than 45 litigations involving fiber-based products and processes. Experience covers federal, state and county courts in multiple states within the US.

  • Expertise in Statistics and Advanced Data Analysis

  • Extensive exposure to Minitab and SAS statistical packages and EXCEL data analysis tools; Expertise in using experimental design, data visualization and charting tools; Expertise in preparing and presenting data analysis reports to decision makers; Analysis of univariate and multivariate data sets for business and research purposes; Expertise in multivariate data analysis techniques such as multiple regression, cluster analysis, factor analysis, PCA, etc.

Expert Textile Engineer & Data Analyst (Paid Consultant Role), March 2004–Present.

American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists (AATCC), Raleigh, NC.

  • Selected and used basic and advanced statistical tools to solve specific problems faced by the global manufacturers and distributors of fiber, polymer & textile products.

  • Assisted global manufacturers in product development and evaluation.

  • Selected statistical techniques that are appropriate for different data types and data sizes.

  • Developed statistical models and graphing tools to understand data and data trends.

  • Conducted quality checks on raw data and performed data cleaning; manipulated, transformed and analyzed data.

  • Initiated QC programs; guided data collection and preliminary data screening at dozens of global manufacturing sites and laboratories affiliated to AATCC.

  • Participated in continuous improvement by sharing suggestions for optimal solving of everyday problems.

  • Worked flexible hours across nights, weekends and holidays.

Resume of  Dr. Parachuru -- Textile and Materials Engineer/Statistician/Scientist

719 Grayson Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

LinkedIn Profile:



PhD - Textile Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India.

MS - Decision Sciences/Applied Statistics, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA.

M. Tech - Textile Technology, Univ. of Madras, India.

B. Tech - Textile Technology, Univ. of Madras, India.



Chief Technical Manager, Telengana Textile Mills, Hyderabad, India.

Asst. Professor and Professor of Textile Technology, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.

Post-doctoral Research Associate, College of Textiles, N.C. State University, Raleigh, NC.

Research Scientist – I & Scientist II, Georgia Institute of Technology, MSE, Atlanta, GA.

Senior Research Scientist, MSE, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA (2004-2010).

Principal Research Scientist, MSE, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA (2010-July 2022).

Emeritus Faculty Member, MSE, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA (July 2022-Present).

MAJOR CONTRIBUTIONS (58 refereed publications, 190 conference presentations and 4 book chapters)

Invited Presentations (Recent)

Parachuru, R., ‘The Impact of Smart Fabric Shades and Built-in Control Strategies on Energy Savings, Building Comfort and Visual Quality’, Year 2023 Smart Fabrics Summit of the Advanced Textile Association.

Parachuru R. and Vagott J., ‘Smart Wearable Textiles - An Introductory Review and Highlight of Recent Lab-to-Field Successes’, 4th International Conference on Industrial Textiles, July 18-20, 2018, Coimbatore, India. (Lead presentation in conference sponsored by govt. of India and department of defense)

Parachuru, R. Need to Develop and Validate a Set of New Test Methods for the Evaluation of the Functional Performance and Durability of Electronically Integrated Smart Textile Materials, AATCC Technical Committee Meetings, November 2018.

ii) Books/Book Chapters (Recent)

Contributed a 25-Page Chapter on ‘Mechanical Failure of Fiber and Polymer Materials and Fabricated Products’ (Text-book published by AATCC in March 2022.

Selected Peer Reviewed Journal Papers of Recent Origin

  1. Parachuru, R., ‘Review of the Recent Advances in the Fabrication and High-End Application of Textile-Based Microfluidic Devices’ - (Submitted for Publication)

  2. Parachuru, R., ‘Recent Advances in Skin Care Enabled by the New Developments in Nanotechnology and Nanomaterial Fields’ - (Submitted for Publication)

  3. Parachuru, R. (2022). A comprehensive Look at the Current and Future Technologies Suitable for At-Home Detection and Management of Viruses and Virus Causing Diseases; Parts I &II (accepted for publication- Biosensors and Bioelectronics).

  4. Parachuru R., ‘Engineered High-End Performance Mattresses and Pillows and Their Influence on Sleep Quality, Quality of Life and Human Performance’, Global Summit on Advances in Materials, Physics and Chemical Science, July 2022.

  5. Julia Roberts and R. Parachuru, ‘New and Emerging Smart Materials and Their Applications: A Review’, J. Matls. Science & Engg., Vol. 10:9, 2021.

  6. Vagott J, Parachuru R (2019): An Overview of Recent Developments in the Field of Wearable Smart Textiles. J Textile Sci Eng 8: 368. doi: 10.4172/2165- 8064.1000368. Available:

  7. Parachuru, R. and Lavanya Krishnan, ‘Clothing as an Affordable Means of Preventing Skin Cancer’, AATCC Research Review, Sept. 2017.

  8. Shamal Mhetre and Radhakrishnaiah, P., The Effect of Fabric Structure and Yarn-to-Yarn Liquid Migration on Liquid Transport in Fabrics, J. Text. Inst. 101(7), 621-626 (2010)

  9. Shamal Mhetre and Radhakrishnaiah, P., On the Relationship between Ink-Jet Printing Quality of Pigment Ink and the Spreading Behavior of Ink Drops, J. Text. Inst. 101(5), 423-430 (2010)

  10. Radhakrishnaiah, P., Study of the Performance Properties of Carpets Containing Nylon 6 and Nylon 66 Face Yarns, Text. Res. J. 75(2), 157-164 (2005).


  • Life member of Fiber Society

  • AATCC (Organizing Member of Four Research Committees)

  • AATCC (Chairman of Statistics Committee)

  • Member, ASME Division of Textile Engineering

  • TQCA (Board Member)

  • Indian Textile Association (Life Member)


BASIC RESEARCH -Thesis Advising

  • Total number of graduate students advised: 16; Total research grants: $ 2.0 million.


RESEARCH GRANTS (Secured in 2020-2022)

  • $96,800 - One year CDC funded project (AWD-001549): Design, Development and Evaluation of Reusable Low-Cost, High-Performance Mask Suitable for High-Volume Use.

  • $23,700 – Six-month project sponsored by Mueller Company for developing a rapid aging test to predict the life of painted surfaces of metal and plastic valves used in water supply lines.

  • $7000 – One-month project sponsored by Patagonia Inc. to characterize the dynamic mechanical behavior of stretch (elastic) yarns and to relate measured properties to processing parameters.


Teaching (Extensive coverage of soft and hard materials and their fabrication/characterization techniques)

Textile/Polymer Courses

  • Yarn Manufacturing (Theory and Lab)

  • Weaving Technology (Theory and Lab)

  • Knitting Technology (Theory and Lab)

  • Nonwovens Technology (Theory and Lab)

  • Textile Testing and Quality Control (Theory and Lab)

  • Carpet Manufacturing (Theory and Lab)

  • Polymer Characterization (Laboratory)

  • Fiber and Polymer Science

Engineering Electives (Open to All Georgia Tech Majors)

  • Introduction to Polymer, Fiber and Textile Industrial Complex – All Majors

  • Fiber and Polymer Materials and Fabricated Products for Healthcare Applications – All Majors

  • Introduction to Materials for Engineers – All Majors

  • Statistics for Engineers -- All Majors

Materials Science and Engineering Courses

  1. MSE 3021- Characterization of Materials (Core course required for all MSE students)

  2. MSE 4022 - Fabrication Technologies for Soft and Hard Materials (Core course)

  3. MSE 4027- Senior Design Course (Problem-solving group project funded by industry - Core)

Supervised the everyday operation of three material characterization laboratories and three fabrication technology laboratories. Exposure to all material types and their characterization/fabrication tools makes me a uniquely broad-based materials scientist and researcher.


APPLIED RESEARCH -Services Provided for the Benefit of Industry and General Public

I have served as the coordinator of industry and public service activities of MSE (School of Materials Science and Engineering) for 30 years. As a part of this activity, I have interacted extensively with all types of fiber product manufacturers around the country and solved hundreds of their problems of applied nature in the areas of product design, product evaluation, raw material selection, process optimization, technical trouble shooting, legal defense of products and processes, etc. A significant part of my funding support came from the private industry.

Expertise in Statistics and Advanced Data Analysis

Extensive exposure to Minitab and SAS statistical packages and EXCEL data analysis tools; Expertise in using experimental design, data visualization, data programming and charting tools; Analysis of univariate and multivariate data sets for business and research purposes using statistical tools such as multiple regression, cluster analysis, factor analysis, PCA, etc.; Knowledge of Tableau, Python, SQL and  R; Critical thinking skills; Preparation and presentation of effective data analysis reports to decision makers.

Current Motivation  to Continue Contributions to Industry and Society

I moved to adjunct faculty status at Georgia Tech at the end 2022 even though I could have served there for many more years. Family circumstances forced me to relocate to San Francisco area. I maintain excellent physical and mental health, thanks to practicing a disciplined life. Healthy diet, regular exercise and meditation give me good health and a productive professional life. I am confident of excelling in any assignment that utilizes my experience and skills. I am a very valuable asset waiting to be grabbed by businesses and institutions that can utilize my knowledge, skills and dedication.

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